Santa Fe measures in the works to combat housing shortage

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the proposal aims to ease restrictions on residences and casitas as well as parking to try to create more options for people to live. Changes to the ordinace concerning accessory dwelling units will only make a small chnage regarding the city’s shortage on housnig.

The proposal is motly receiving backlash from neighborhood advocates. The New Mexican reports that the proposal has been seen as a test for Mayor Alan Webber to get any other housing proposal through City Council.

Additional proposal indlude one to ease restrictions on the use of acessory dwellihng units. Current city code prohibits property owners from renting an accessory unit and a primary dwelling on the same property for long term.

The city of Santa Fe has also commissioned a study of its short term rental ordinance in order to assess wherther property owners follow rules. The study, which is expected to be completed in a week, will help officials determine what changes, if any, are necessary.

Santa Fe will also consider extending a fee which will allow developers of residential project to pay in lieu of participating in the affordable housing program.

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